The Beta Points redemption period is over!


26 NFT claims
155k TANKS claimed (out of 250k TANKS)
9 Tournament entrants (out of max 18)

Starting supply of pts: 57,999

Unclaimed pts: 12,829.5
Claimed pts: 51,423.75
New double or nothing pts: 6,254.25

Poll Results

Tournament will be at 4PM UTC (most popular time as poll result)
Tournament energy duration will be 60s

Tournament Information

The tournament game will be CREATED at 3PM UTC.
The game will START at 4pm UTC.

Only those in the list below will be able to join this game. Everyone else is free to spectate. We will stream the game on Twitch.

The following accounts will be in the final:
0x207C0d4bD67D8d7dC96B6B57b62c6e90CaC8409a 0x56A00dAA8ec50cA867Cb1C68601b96bF1A84C540 0x64104A645bA35F4Bd33118F87B24441e3783fA4B 0x7480476587aae0b0276217Da29F605Da25Ef1e5b 0x8ab6ad0472E5E0071c9F189DacB85DF996eAcc85 0x9203Eb8747404F83a87AA9e3e9dd5EebD8e4c5AA 0x93969DA952C8307fB08f261AaDa1C6525DFBe0b9 0xcF793a87b31814633Ee3ddA1de48CB2a6491358A 0xDB500f600f6c5fc90465f158c32B0e935aA8c345