Future Tanks 2024

Tanks! For Playing
3 min readMar 2, 2024


We founded Tanks back in August 2021 with an audacious goal to bring social gaming to the blockchain, a potentially explosive mix!

We’ve been through a lot on this journey, from the highs of the $TANKS token launching in a strong market to the lows of real tanks crossing the borders of Ukraine and a protracted bear market.

Now on the verge of a new rebirth in the crypto market, the battlefield has changed and there are tough decisions to be made. For the brave soldiers who still remain, we’re looking to get your opinion on what you want to see from us to help us forge the path forward. Before we discuss the options on the table — it’s important to explain where we are.

For the entire duration of our time at Tanks, the leadership team has not been paid — we’ve worked on this project as a labour of love. Alas our personal finances were only able to support this project for so long before it became unviable. For the past year, we’ve been working elsewhere while planning the future of Tanks.

The start-up where the leadership team has been working has seen tremendous growth in the last few months and is now a top 30 DeFi project, with around a billion in TVL.

We do not own, nor are we founders/co-founders of the other start-up. There is virtually no overlap between Tanks and the other start-up. Our experience outside of Tanks has made us realise that GameFi is complex and requires a significant investment in time, a large and skilled multidisciplinary team and therefore requires significant resources and effort to manage. It is not possible to do both at the same time.

For the last six months, we’ve been in discussions with a number of parties looking for funding and a new leadership team to carry the torch into the future. Alas, a consistent theme has emerged . While there is strong interest in the concept and our endeavour, we have failed to move people to concrete action in terms of funding or a desire to join the leadership team to advance the concept further.

Our silence in the past few months has been in respect to an NDA which we entered into with hopeful optimism. Amongst other considerations, we were urged not to launch the token again to ensure we’re able to renegotiate an attractive valuation for investors. With the recent expiry of the NDA, we are now free to forge a path forward.

For now Tanks will be paused indefinitely as we continue to seek investment and new leadership and management. To protect the brand and increase the chance of a successful reboot, we will mute our community channels during this time.

If there is a significant cohort who wish to see Tanks wrap up (cleanly or otherwise)— we will honour these wishes.

To make your voice heard — we’ve prepared a form here: https://forms.gle/XpaTUAx16cZ16nJz8

We also welcome business enquiries from those who would like to invest or take a significant role in a future Tanks reboot. Please send any enquiries to: hello@tanksforplaying.io

Submissions close at the end of March unless a strong consensus emerges.