Tanks x Sourcery — A new era

Tanks! For Playing
2 min readJul 13, 2022


Last week we silently launched our new Season Two website! If you haven’t seen it, check it out at https://tanksforplaying.io/. Over the next few weeks, we plan on releasing more content (a new teaser trailer, in-game content, etc) in the run-up to Season Two.

With the crypto freeze continuing, development has struggled as we haven’t been able to ramp up our operations as we had originally planned. The game does work end-to-end, the lobby screens look good, and the user experience is slick however it lacks the polish and finishing touches that are required before we’ll be happy to release it. Callan and I have continued to work behind the scenes to get everything up and running however we’re quickly running out of time and with no investment in the pipeline we have to be realistic about our ability to not only execute the release of Season Two but also support it after release.

To keep the project alive, we’ve strategized an approach we believe will give us long-term sustainability no matter how long the crypto market remains weak…

Enter “Sourcery”, a boutique web3 and web2 consulting and development company dedicated to making magic happen through code!

Sourcery will feature Tanks as their flagship product but will also provide services leveraging our extensive experience in web2 and web3, including the IP we’ve developed in Tanks. Initial demand for our services has been stronger than we anticipated and we are confident that we can grow our team and offerings to support Tanks and other ventures into the future!

In the short term, this means that Tanks will continue in a part-time capacity while we actively hire dedicated personnel to continue Tanks development and assist in other areas of the business.

Yes, that means we are hiring! If you are a Unity Developer, get in contact with us at hello@tanksforplaying.io, and let’s have a chat!

If you are interested in Sourcery and how we can help your company in web2 or web3, give us a buzz at hello@aaronalderman.com (this will be updated once we’ve finished setting up the company).