Update — Game development

First proof-of-concept

Our first game proof-of-concept (PoC) was developed over the course of two weekends in August 2021. This PoC was fully featured — including MetaMask integration, basic lobby and a “web 2” server (i.e. it was not on the blockchain). We put this version of the game (much to the annoyance of our children who were eager to play!) on hold while we commissioned game art and focused on launching the project.

3D Tanks for playing — original proof-of-concept

With the main website and token sales release now out the way, our engineering team has turned their focus back to developing the core product. To help facilitate the smart contract development of the game and surrounding infrastructure, we’ve created a (simpler) 2D version of the game. The focus is not on end-product aesthetics, but to ensure the game functions on and off blockchain. We could possibly be in a position to allow users to start beta testing the product before the end of the token sale period!

2D Tanks for playing

Using the game concept art we have, we’ll be creating a video explainer of the game. Stay tuned!

We are also working on using game concept art for explainer video





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Tanks! For Playing

Tanks! For Playing


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