The Tanks Roll On!



As stated in our whitepaper, our soft-cap goal is a modest $250k USD with our hard-cap a stretch target of $1.25M USD.

Public Token Sale Launch

Today our public token sale website went live! Participating is as easy as connecting MetaMask (or equivalent wallet) and depositing an amount you want on the chain of your choice (Ethereum, Polygon, BSC). Visit our website for more details


As part of the public token sale launch — we’ve added functionality to the website where you can create a referral link and if someone purchases TANKS tokens with your link, you are entitled to bonus free TANKS!

What’s next?

Getting the word out

We’ve got our first listing on ICO Link ( and will be getting listed on many more!

Launch party!

On Friday 24th September we’ll be hosting the “Tanks! For Playing Launch Party” at Spacecubed in Perth (more details available here For those who can’t make it to Perth (which is most of the world at this time), we are planning on recording it and making it available online after the event.



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