The path from here to full release

Still from our beta trailer

Wow — what a crazy ride. Yesterday was a big day for Tanks! For Playing.

We dropped our BETA Trailer — you can check it out here

We also had our first ever game of Tanks! For Playing.
Congratulations to 0xf5..9bB3 who was the inaugural winner and walked away with 10,000 TANKS.

Now the dust has settled and the tank scraps have been collected, it’s time for us to reflect on where we are and where we want to be.

Reflections on where we are

While there were many positives to take away from the experience, there is still plenty for us to do as a development team to get the game suitable for full release.

We’re disappointed many who wanted to play were not able to — either due to issues with TrustWallet/WalletConnect and Polygon or because they were not able to load the game. There were significant performance issues when there were many tanks in play, and there were UI bugs and glitches which appeared in the final build. The feedback and reports from the community has been fantastic and we’re going to continue to get as many issues sorted as quickly as possible. Some of these issues will take our team time to dig into but there are also some quick wins.

Blockchain blues

One of the more contentious issues is around the game being fully on the blockchain and how this can affect the playing experience. Anyone who has been around Ethereum or has used MetaMask knows the frustration of slow transactions, stuck transactions and misaligned nonce values, requiring a wallet reset. These issues are annoying at the best of times during a DeFi trade, but are even more frustrating in the middle of battle. These problems are inherent to the ecosystem and it should serve as a wake up call to wallet developers to do better, not just so playing games is easier, but so everything should be easier.

While we are keen to explore long term solutions to these problems (including oracles, offline solutions and custodial wallets), we’re staying true to our original goal of being a game that can be played entirely on the blockchain.

Where we are going

While we iron out bugs on our side of the fence, there are other initiatives we are working on too.

1. The UI isn’t “finished” as there are still parts of the UI which were developed as concept art for ICO. We are currently working on a complete refresh of the UI!
2. The website is not ready — we are still using the core of the website we built for ICO. We want our website to be “battle ready” and a landing page which entices people to play.
3. Our game trailer will be upgraded over time. This can take time and we are looking for the first update by full release and a final cut for the March tournament!
4. We’re working on FAQ, game instructions, video explainers, etc.
5. New NFT Tank skins and the genesis mint — coming soon!
6. New maps — coming soon!

Tanks for joining us on this journey to full release and the Season 1 tournament in March!




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Tanks! For Playing

Tanks! For Playing

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