Tanks Update

Market Update

Just over a week ago saw a significant event in crypto history. Terra (UST) lost its peg, Luna crashed and billions of dollars of capital were wiped out. A few Tanks investors I’ve spoken with have lost significant amounts of capital in what was supposed to be a stable token and healthy ecosystem.

Team Update

As we had anticipated eventually happening, COVID ended up affecting the team and has set back our initial development plans by over a week. There is still a risk of other team members being affected, and we need to be mindful of this as we progress. Nevertheless, we are getting close to kicking off testing of Season Two and we are hoping this can begin around the start of June.

Minting Update

Last week we discussed the minting plan with our partner and realized that our decision to move our token and ecosystem to BSC-only has led to a few unexpected roadblocks. We’ll be working with them to ensure that mint can proceed, however, there may need to be some compromises to make everything happen. More updates will follow in the next few weeks as we finalize the plan.

Final thoughts

As a team, we haven’t given up! We are still committed to delivering Season Two and making Tanks successful however we are under no illusions — the journey will be difficult.



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