Tanks For Playing — V1 launch

Tanks! For Playing
2 min readMar 4, 2022

Today we are pleased to announce the full release of Tanks For Playing — a multiplayer blockchain strategy game which runs entirely on the blockchain! Join us in the Cauldron, Saturday 5th of March at Midday UTC. There will be prizes on offer throughout the day including boosted pots, TANKS tokens and NFTs. Join our Discord for the latest! https://discord.gg/DEunrDG7d4

This release marks the completion of the first phase of the vision of Tanks For Playing. While we were ready with the release last Saturday, we felt that it was inappropriate to launch at a time when real world hostilities involving tanks had just started. There were also issues on Polygon which made the game unplayable. Stick around as we still have some new features due in the following weeks after launch.

From today, our focus turns towards finding and retaining new players while also attracting investment for us to execute our V2 vision.

Since ICO in September, we have been in continuing communication with crypto gaming guilds to attract new players. These discussions, along with the changing market conditions, has made it clear to us where our future direction must head if we want to make the biggest impact in this space — Play-to-Earn.

We have used the lessons and insights gained through the Beta Tournament to craft a Play-to-Earn mechanism which we believe will be attractive to gamers whilst avoiding the potential trap of offering a quick pump and dump. We have utilized our network of partnerships and collaborations to ensure that stakeholders can see the potential in our future vision and that our plans are sound. The goal over the next few weeks is to lay the foundations to execute this plan and encourage new players into our ecosystem so they can set themselves up for success when we launch our Play-to-earn game mode.

We believe a strong Play-to-earn ecosystem will benefit the existing game mode by injecting new interest and players along side the ability for Tanks For Playing to grow and fund future initiatives in this space.

The Saturday events will kick off a series of community building initiatives including giveaways, mini-tournaments and challenges, building up to our V2 plan announcement which will feature:

  • Our Play-to-Earn battleplan
  • Graphics refresh
  • Games played off-chain (web2)
  • Mobile/tablet support

See you on the battlefield!