Tanks! For Playing — Development Update

Architectural changes

Remove “attack mode”

UI Changes

Minor changes

  1. The user address above the tank no longer tilts based on camera angle
  2. There was a selection “dead spot” just above a tank due to an incorrectly sized hit-box, this has been addressed
  3. The countdown to next energy drop was moved to top-centre. The bar will pulsate when the next energy is due. This lag is due to waiting for the next block to be “mined” on the blockchain.
  4. The first time you zoom in, the UI would zoom out. This has now been addressed.
  5. Spectator mode UI elements. When spectating, there is now no “current user” statistics. Similarly, for other tanks, the attack and gift options are removed (because these interactions do not make sense).
  6. Brightness setting available in settings is now functional

Coming soon

  1. Optimized tank meshes. The tanks we are using are too detailed (i.e. too many polygons), and when there are too many of them on the screen at once, performance degrades. Our artists have been working with our Unity developers to get better meshes at different levels of details, i.e. when you are far away from a tank, a different model (which uses fewer polygons) is used.
  2. Range borders. Despite the code being present in the game, the range borders are not visible when the game is exported to WebGL. A fix for this issue is imminent.
  3. Interaction effects. When another player adds range/hearts or gifts — these interactions are currently hidden from the player unless they are monitoring their opponents statistics. We are working on getting effects made to highlight these events.
  4. 3D sounds — the tanks should sound like they exist in 3D space, i.e. near tanks are louder than far tanks, etc
  5. User experience improvements around blockchain transaction status
  6. Better “you were destroyed” and “you won” cutscenes
  7. Support for different maps, support for selecting a tank to play as, and the necessary architectural changes required to support these features






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Tanks! For Playing

Tanks! For Playing


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