Tanks For Playing Briefing

Tanks! For Playing
3 min readApr 21, 2022

TL:DR — Energy purchases have landed for Season One. Season Two is going full steam ahead. LP unlock soon — Feedback required ASAP!! https://forms.gle/qSs6gYMALEvZ8KC19


Energy purchase using TANKS tokens

If you’ve played the game recently you might have seen a new Season One update which landed yesterday — In-game energy purchases using the TANKS token!

Spend your TANKS tokens wisely to get yourself out of a tight situation. Be careful — it costs exponentially (Fibonacci sequence) more and more TANKS each time you purchase a unit of energy within a single game.

Game creators can choose if they want to limit the number of purchases per game and if they want the purchases to go to the pot (fraction burned) or fully burned. If you don’t want to play in games where you can buy energy — that’s ok, you can also choose NOT to have this new feature as part of your game.


Congratulations and a Tanks to all those who joined and competed in the Stronger Together tournament. Winners and pay-outs will be announced this weekend. We know the tournament didn’t go particularly well. I tried to play a few times and the experience was variable — some games were good and others were unplayable. Many of these issues cannot be solved by us alone — they are part of the nature of building a game which runs entirely on a busy public blockchain. For this reason (and many more) we are super excited to move on to Season Two where the game will be played off chain!

Season Two Update

Callan and I had an all-day in-person meeting at our office this week. We discussed and formulated a plan on how we are going to deliver Season Two. Development has already started and we are making great early progress.

Here are some initial dev leaks:

The smooth web2 experience without constant pop-ups!
Dev blooper — That wasn’t supposed to happen!
Dev concept of destructible trees

More Season Two updates to come!

LP Unlock

On the 3rd of May — the TANKS token will turn six months old! This is also the end of the LP token locking period on UniCrypt. Having fragmented liquidity across three chains has been an issue in the past and initiatives such as providing liquidity mining rewards on Polygon have not provided long term liquidity benefits to the project. The LP unlock gives us the opportunity to consolidate our liquidity positions onto one chain.

This is a significant decision which affects the community significantly more than it affects the team — hence we want to give the community the opportunity to provide guidance as to what happens with the LP tokens.

Feedback can be provided here: https://forms.gle/qSs6gYMALEvZ8KC19

Season One — What now?

With the release of Season One and with Season Two now in full production mode, we’re putting a feature freeze on Season One. Only significant bugs and defects will be addressed from here.

In the feedback form provided — we are also keen to get your feedback on what you would like to see happen with Season One. There has been heated discussion lately about Season One and we would like to solicit the opinions of everyone, including the many quiet people who do not engage with Telegram or Discord.

There will be an AMA this weekend — you can use the form to also ask questions for the AMA.

For those who made it to the end — here is a GIF of a tank…