Tanks BSC-POLYGON Bridge

To help ease the flow of TANKS in the ecosystem we have created a TANKS bridge.

The TANKS bridge is a custom script. It passes TANKS tokens credits, then debits TANKS tokens on Polygon and BSC through a Tanks project specific address. The address the tokens move through is a service account set up by the Tanks Team. Each step has a process where there are multiple points of reference to reconcile the balance so that every transaction matches.

The multiple checkpoints are manual at this point, this will be automated as the script is further utilised.

Time to bridge:
The bridge will initially take 6–12 hours to complete as the manual checks are completed. This time will speed up over the coming week.

Bridge Fees:
To prevent spam/DDoS attacks and to pay for the bulk movement of TANKS via Ethereum we charge a small fee of 100 TANKS per transaction, $3 at current rates.

Now you can roll your TANKS over the bridge!



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