Liquidity Pool Update

  1. With transaction fees on Ethereum remaining stubbornly high, we cannot build a play-to-earn gaming token ecosystem on the back of Ethereum.
  2. While we did consider alternative EVM (Ethereum based) and non-EVM networks such as Avalanche/Gnosis/FTM/Starknet and more, we cannot ask everyone in our community to bridge and move, hence our decision is constrained to deciding between BSC and Polygon.
  3. Community feedback was not decisive one way or the other, however there was an overall slight tilt towards BSC over Polygon. Every vote mattered and was counted!
  4. Now we are moving away from a game that is played entirely on chain, gas fees (except for fees on Ethereum) do not factor significantly into the equation. If we were to consolidate to BSC only, this doesn’t preclude on-chain games still being played on Polygon either with our existing bridge or through custodial wallets, gasless transactions, etc.
  5. The number of TANKS token holders on BSC is significantly higher than Polygon, meaning fewer people will be disrupted by choosing BSC.
  6. More people and more total capital exists on the BSC network than on Polygon at this stage, although we note that many players and investors are savvy enough to navigate this landscape.
  7. The instability of Polygon has had a major negative impact on our product and we believe these issues will remain on Polygon into the foreseeable future. Insofar as we still have on-chain interactions, we want to use a stable network.
  8. This decision does not prevent us from launching NFTs on Ethereum or from creating future liquidity pools should conditions change.


What does this mean for me?

I have never used BSC before, how do I…

I cannot use BSC — what do I do?

Do I have to use AnySwap to move tokens to BSC?

What about staking?

When will this happen?




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