Development Update

Obstacles and Barriers

In Season One, we became familiar with barrier tiles in the Cauldron map — some tiles could not be moved on to, while allowing the tank to shoot over/through the barrier. In Season Two we are extending this to have tiles which cannot be shot through (at certain angles).

The trees provide a barrier to where the tank can shoot.
The same tank has a greater line of sight when away from the trees.

Shootable trees?

What if you could shoot the trees to destroy them to forge a path through the forest or to increase your line of sight at the expense of consuming energy?

Map Editor

To facilitate the rapid development of new content for Season Two, we’re building a map editor tool. While the first few versions of this tool will be for internal consumption only, we’re aiming to develop this to eventually become part of the core game offering. We want to build this tool such that map creators can be rewarded by creating maps which are used in gameplay!

The development map, as it appears in the map editor. This tool will make it easy to create content including laying tiles, setting starting location areas and defining the mine appearance sequencing.



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